August 15, 2011
Escape From Castle Fat Head

1996: It was Jim, Nick, Nicole, myself, and one or two extras. We had left a party Sean was throwing at his mom’s place in La Mesa in search of hard drugs. Nick had brokered a deal to trade some of the acid I still had for some speed that our friend Fat Head had. We made the late-night journey across the suburbs to find him and some other kids playing cards and mething around in typical tweaker fashion.

After doing the trade, doing some drugs, and playing some cards, we set out on the journey back to the party around 3am. We were feeling invincible and didn’t give curfew or the police a single thought, preferring the most direct route back. It was quite a shock back to reality to see the cop car parked on the side of the road that would be unavoidable to walk next to. I’m sure it was also quite a shock to the cop when she looked up to see a trail of young delinquents trying their best to nonchalantly sneak by in the middle of the night.

It wasn’t long before we were all rounded up and sitting on the curb while she started taking down our information. I had a ridiculous amount and variety of drugs in my little film canister so I whispered to Jim to meet me back at the party, did a quick stretch, and bolted like there was no tomorrow—which there wouldn’t be if I got caught. She shouted something useless like “Stop” or “Wait” but had everyone else to deal with and didn’t give chase.

We were right next to Jackson Park and I took off through the baseball field. I popped out at the top of the park just in time to hide behind some bushes from some spotlights. See, there isn’t much else for LMPD to do at that hour and every cop in the area jumped on the opportunity to chase down some punk kid. I made my way south down Jackson trying to strike a balance between speed and caution, knowing that the Grossmont tunnels would be the only home base I could reach in time and be reasonably safe. I was spotted crossing Jackson and dashing behind Big E Liquor but I managed to escape behind some trucks and scaled a wall through some apartments, nearing and eventually making it to the secret side entrance of the tunnels without a moment to spare.

At this point I am not sure what else happened in the real world but I remember all too well what was happening in the nightmare world of panic and delusion that my brain was inhabiting on so much acid and speed. Flashlight beams danced on the walls and ghostly voices shouted as I stumbled through the circular side tunnel in pitch darkness, oblivious to the masses of spider webs I was charging through face-first. I soon made it into the main tunnels and headed deeper, still too scared to even spark my lighter lest the specters catch a glimpse of it. I hid the drugs in a spot that I knew and continued to stagger deeper and deeper into the tunnels nervously looking back every few seconds at the phantom lights that were still following me.

After three or four hours of this the drugs finally started to wear off and with them the panic started to subside. Just past dawn I emerged, 
covered in sewer muck and spider webs, from the other end of the tunnels and made it back to Sean’s mom’s house much to the surprise of everyone who wasn’t passed out by then. Jim and I recovered the drugs later that day and did a lot of them in my trailer.

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