August 5, 2011
A drug deal gone wrong

1996: Not that any of our drug deals were prone to going particularly RIGHT. While I had picked up some street smarts and swagger during my bit of travelling, and Jim had some interesting experiences as a Marine (he was a cook, mind you), both of us were incredibly naive when it came to being drug dealers. Not to mention we were so comically fucked up all the time it’s amazing things didn’t fail even more spectacularly.

This day we had a bunch of acid we were trying to get rid of at the trolley station and we met a guy who knew somebody who had some weed that they wanted to trade. We headed to Lemon Grove and trekked out into the suburbs to his friend’s house. We were pretty naive, as I said, but also drug dealing is pretty shady business even when it is done well. Waiting in front of a couple of houses while he talked to people didn’t throw up any warning signs. Another random dude joining our entourage didn’t. Taking a shortcut through a big empty field seemed like a completely reasonable thing to do. When the first dude picked up a 2x4 along the way I maybe started to think something was up but it was when Jim got hit in the head by it in the field that I finally realized things were going poorly.

I had all the acid in a film canister in my pocket and I knew Jim would agree that preservation of the drugs and money was obviously the most important thing so I took off running while the other guy landed a couple glancing blows to the back of my head. I made my way back the way we came and eventually found some neighbors and told them we had been jumped in the field by two guys. This wasn’t so much to get Jim the medical help that he probably needed, it was so I wasn’t alone when they realized Jim didn’t have anything on him and came for me. It worked and the guys ended up taking off elsewhere when they saw me with help. This part is pretty fuzzy and I think maybe the guy went to help Jim while I took off fearing eventual police involvement.

I hung out at Grossmont Center for a while and was heading back to the trolley to go to a show when who did I see but Jim stumbling across the street from Grossmont Hospital with a fresh batch of staples in his head. He gave me a hearty thanks for leaving him and saving the drugs and we headed off to Showcase Theatre for the punk show.

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